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Ask your friends who are not from the corporate world that what they think of a corporate video. Most of them would simply frown and just say that they never saw one because they might not find it entertaining. You know that videos are going to earn your website greater traffic which will help promote your business and take it to newer levels of success but if the videos you make are not that amazing, then they hardly inspire any single client then what’s the use. Making a video might sound costly and is not a very cheap business tactic, but it is an additional cost that you have to bear to ensure product differentiation and if that cost is incurred in vain, then that has a negative impact on your business. Thus, it is quite important to make videos that can help boost your business. If you are confused about what to include in your video to connect to the clients in a useful and more inspirational way then here are ten great ideas that might help you:

  1. A Video about a Funny Corporate Story

Usually, the corporate world also witnesses a number of funny incidents so in order to engage your clients and connect to them you can make a video about a funny incident in which you can interview different employees or clients about the same incident or even create a reenactment of the whole situation.

  1. A “Why do you love your job” Video?

It is a great idea to interview employees about why they love their job and what makes it so fantastic for them.

  1. A Day In Life Video

A really great idea is to film a day in the life of an employee who isn’t camera conscious and has inspirational traits.

  1. Award Winning Employee Video

It is ideal to interview an employee who won an award for his exceptional talents and continuous hard work. You can also interview the management about their view about that employee and why he deserved the award.

  1. Tell me about your job Video

You can include interviews of different clients where they can reveal their feelings about their job being as realistic and interesting as possible.

  1. Event Coverage Video

From a fair to a conference or an event, it is always great to capture these important moments and keep them on file. These videos are also a great proof of a result of long months of team work preparation and investment of human and financial ressources.

  1. Safety and Training Video

Safety should be the first priority so making a video that informs about safety and training during product usage is a must. Safety and Training videos are mainly used for staff members.

  1. The Company Story Video

It is a great idea to make a video about the story of the company, its establishment, its progress and the success story. Add a human touch by having employees testifying in a modern way.

  1. The Project Video

You can make a video that shows the feelings and sentiments both before and after the completion of a project as well as how successful the project was.

  1. The “How it is made?” Video

You can interact with the labor, engineers, other people included in the process of manufacturing as well as customers by filming a video that illustrates the whole manufacturing process hiding the company’s secrets.