Interviewing is an art that many of us are quite good at, but a batch of new tips and suggestions can never hurt as it continues the process of learning which helps you to understand new things and even come up with new ideas. If you plan on taking a video interview you need to be careful to include these ten points to ensure your video is up to the mark:

  1. Prepare Yourself Beforehand

It is always ideal to be prepared for an interview before you take it. You should have a strategy planned that would help you get to the main topic easily by getting maximum information out of the interviewee.  Although the questions proceed in a natural flow but it is always suggested to prepare them beforehand as well.

  1. Ask Questions with Open-ended Answers

This means that it is always ideal to ask questions that simply do not have a right or wrong answer, instead the answer totally depends on the creativity and thoughts of the interviewee. It is ideal to avoid simple yes or no answers, instead, questions should be designed to obtain comprehensive and answers.

  1. Be Spontaneous

It is ideal to prepare your questions but not always good to strictly follow those questions only but if the conversation is going in an interesting direction you need to be spontaneous and natural by adapting your speech.

  1. Make the Interviewee Comfortable

It is very helpful if the interviewee feels comfortable during the interview because this way you can obtain more interesting information easily.

  1. Don’t Be Specific in the Start

Although your interview is about a certain topic but it is ideal not to start asking a list of specific questions in the start that might make the interviewee feel nervous or confused.

  1. Have Them Repeat Your Question

If the interviewee repeats your question after you, it is quite useful while editting your videos. Thus, it is very helpful if you motivate the interviewee to repeat them.

  1. Proper Positioning and lighting of the Interviewee

Position and posture of the interviewee are very important elements of a good video interview. The main difference between an audio and video interview is that the audience can see the interviewee and his body language in a video interview so it is ideal to correctly position and light the interviewee.

  1. Let the Interviewee do the Talking

If you keep on counter questioning the interviewee and not let him speak then you simply divert away from the actual goal of the interview. You need to let the other person speak because, in the end, his ideas are going to matter more.

  1. Don’t Forget the Final Comments

Asking about the final comments and ideas can help reveal any important things or pieces of information, you never thought about covering. It depicts the raw side of the interviewee so it is exemplary not to forget the final comments.

  1. Continue Filming even when you Say it’s Over, behind the scenes

It is ideal to continue filming after you say the interview is over because this can give you a representation of the comfortable side of the interviewee who is no longer under the pressure of giving an interview as well as behind the scenes moments.