How to make a good training video dubai

Corporate training and sustainability is very important for any company and plays a vital role in strengthening the financial position. In order to sustain a particular position in the market, it all comes down to the efficiency and competence of the staff members running the company.

How Training Videos are important

Workforce is an essential and all-important ingredient to meet the desired business objectives. Having a team of smart workers is pivotal for achievement of brilliance and training is the mean to equip them with the capacity to tackle any hurdles. Training employees is an objective, which all smart companies focus on. Departmental of company sponsored training strengthens the trust and confidence between the company and its respective employees.

Why opt for Training Videos

It is important to understand that expecting from an employee is perfectly understandable from the viewpoint of an employer. It is perfectly suitable for a company to hire an experienced and competent employee but the employee may not have skills required for some particular task related and critical to the assigned job. It may be financially impossible for a company to hire experts to train the employees or to spare them for training sessions.

How Training Videos make a difference?

Very valid and affordable solutions are Training Videos (without having to hire expensive experts or sparing the employees for lengthy training sessions). Investing in training videos is worth the investment for professional development and for the outcome of the company. Here are some of the benefits of Training Videos:

  • Less time consuming: time is money and nobody knows it better than an aspiring business management in Corporate world. Training Videos are a great time saver for imparting Corporate training to employees on the premises.
  • Reduced cost and travelling expenses: Training Video sessions reduce training cost.  There remains no need for the staff to travel to far off destinations for training purposes. A company does not have to pay for disturbance allowances and boarding/lodging expenses to its employees. On premises, video training allows the employer to monitor and moderate the training sessions at will and convenience.
  • Innovation results in effective training: A Training Video is far more focused and deliberate mean to deliver the training content. Unlike human imparted training (where a lot depends upon the competence of the human expert), Training Videos are prepared by qualified professionals like Kore Productions. The theme, flow and quality of content is always consistent and objective oriented. It allows more innovation and flexibility is training regimens and schedules. Moreover, human imparted training is subject to natural hurdles like illness or unavoidable emergencies etc. There are no such complications associated with video training mode.
  • Training Videos are interactive and interesting: There are endless possibilities in producing top of the line training videos considering the technical tools and choices available today. Interesting graphics, catchy themes and subject-focused animations make Training Videos way more interesting than run of the mill human delivered training.
  • They engage all senses: It is important to remember that any human acquire knowledge through 5 primary senses. Vision and hearing are one of the most prominent of the learning senses. Training Videos carry all the learning senses simulators for enhanced learning experience like audio-visual stimulators.
  • They have more logical and analytical values. Training Videos are far more customizable than any other mode of training. An addition of analytics and statistics in graphical form gives them far superior learning potential than any other mode of training. They are far more logical and relevant than generalized training regimens in vogue.
  • They are a great “DO IT YOURSELF” Training Tool: Formal training can be boring and uninspiring for many reasons. The most obvious is the set pattern and timings. Going through the rut during prescribed timings can become burdensome for most employees. Giving them an option to view the training videos at leisure can be far more enjoyable and unconventional. This can typically be more absorbing and interesting as compared to set piece typical training class routine.
  • It’s a great way to delegate the training responsibility. It is important for any

Corporate management to understand that imparting training to employees is a part of their corporate responsibility. Means to impart the training may be optional but responsibility to train is mandatory. Training Videos are a great way to delegate the training responsibility to employees by placing them on an employee accessible data bank. A company policy may make it compulsory for all employees to consult the Training Videos for any guidance they may need on any subject of their concern. This arrangement would serve dual purpose; first to arrange a readily available guidance material for employees and second to absolve the employer from training responsibility.


The Last Word

Training Videos are a great training tool with extreme innovation, creativity, customization options and affordability. They are highly interactive and interesting. They are the future of Corporate training. If you are not already employing this amazing tool then it is time to hire Kore Productions, Dubai, United Arab Emirates for a great training video for your business.