When you sit in front of the TV, you do not realize the fact that you listen to it more than you watch it. You get to appreciate the importance of the music coming out of the TV only when you try to watch it without listening to the sounds, i.e. by muting it. Once you mute the TV, you get to know that watching it would be a little bland and you will not like your favorite commercial once you watch it without sound effects.

Sounds play a vital role in our daily life! Life would be boring and dull without sound! If you ever watch a commercial on the TV that is convincing you to buy the product it is endorsing but the background music is not what you would appreciate, there is a possibility that you might change the channel. Music plays a major role in making a video attractive or repulsive.

Making a corporate video is different:

When you make a corporate video, you are actually convincing your customer to buy a product or a service. You need to be persuasive and so should your background music. If you add dark music as a background to a very cheerful video, it is sure to end up unconvincing for the customer. The same goes for the spoken content! You need to come up with appropriate spoken content that will go well with the music composed or chosen by you.

Music is the most significant part of the video:

When you make a corporate video, you cannot overlook the importance of the music that you put into it. The music you have added might make or break your image with your target audience. A number of aspects need to be considered while choosing the music for your video. Here are some useful tips and information for choosing the right music for your Corporate Film, TV commercials, Digital Content, Branded Content, Promotional Videos, Safety Videos, Training Videos, Financial videos, Interviews, Product Videos, Product videos, Company presentation videos etc:

  • Keep the music in context with the video: As mentioned earlier, make sure that when you choose music for your video; ensure that you keep in mind the context of the video. Explaining a cheerful event with somber music will not work at all!

You are definitely making an advertising video with a core reason behind it. That reason is most certainly the business projection. Begin your music composition by understanding the purpose of your video. Do you need it to be captivating or you need to project a useful image in the video that you are making? Keep these aspects in your mind while choosing the music for the video. Knowing your video objective will help you in selecting the music that supports the message being showcased in the video.

  • Choose various music styles and examine them: Examine at least three altogether different recordings with altogether different themes. One of them should be advancing an administration, one of the three should be a regular welcome and the last one should be the one you think is convincing. Add three of them in the video separately and see which one sounds the best!

Do you need the video to be taken positively, dynamic, or inflaming? Do you need your viewers to feel pleased or tragic? Pick the music with proper disposition and music will help you to set the tempo of the video at an early stage. If you want to choose from a wide range of music, you can get assistance from the websites like audio jungle, premimumbeat, Istockaudio and they will let you choose sound of whichever mood you like!

  • Identify the pace of music: Think in the event that you need the video to advance at a consistent pace or change gears along the way. Pick the music that matches the pace of the video. Additionally, you need to take note of how the music assumes a very diverse part in the video that you are mak This observation will end up helping you a lot and will let you choose the right kind of background music for your Corporate Video. In case you are making a video for a limited group of audience, take a stab at choosing music with additional effect to that specific gathering of people. Choosing the music according to the audience you are targeting is the critical rule you need to follow! If the target audience belongs to senior class, you definitely can’t add fast paced music as the background.
  • Come up with something DIFFERENT: Try not to utilize your main tune as a soundtrack for the Corporate Video just because you like it. Besides presenting your business to a conceivable copyright obligation, you ought not to permit your own music taste manage what is best for the video. Try to set aside your personal taste while putting the music in the Corporate Video or you might end up messing it altogether. You might begin by building a playlist of conceivable decisions and tight it down all through the creation process. On the off chance that you can download the sneak peeks, do that and sync it with the video to experiment with couple of options. Better still you hire some professional like Kore Productions in Dubai , United Arab Emirates to do this job for you.
  • Pick the most appropriate music for the video: One of the best things to do is to join the circles to make your video sound convincing! By joining singular circles, you will have the capacity to develop a modified soundtrack of particular length with fancied instrumentation. If you keep all the above-mentioned tips in your mind, your Corporate Video will end up amazingly convincing.

The Verdict

With billions of hours of videos being posted online every month, the competition is fierce to attract the customer attention. All factors considered, right music can make the difference between a popular advertisement video or just an ordinary one. Adding the right musical notes to a professionally made corporate video would make the difference and who else can do it better than KORE PRODUCTIONS.